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Choro is a type of instrumental music that was born in Rio de Janeiro in the late 18th century, fusing European melody and harmony with African rhythm and syncopation: think Bach meets ragtime! Choro is traditionally performed sitting around the table in a 'roda' (meaning circle).


Clube do Choro host monthly events at The Forge in Camden (usually on the last Saturday of the month) where the CCUK House band is joined by a special guest musician. Previous guests have included internationally renowned Brazilian musicians Dirciu Leitte, Henrique Cazes and Vitor Celestino.


Each Choro event has an open roda to start off the evening, in which all musicians are encouraged to participate. Scores can be downloaded from Clube do Choro's website.


We host monthly workshops for those interested in learning to play choro music. For more information, please visit our website or email


Clube do Choro UK : "we are what we share"


CCUK House Band


Rachel Hayter        Flute

Andrew Woolf        Clarinet

Gaio de Lima         Mandolin / cavaquinho

Jonathan Preiss     7-string guitar

Juliano Fiori           Pandeiro


For bookings, please email 

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