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Amazon Art is an organisation which brings music to the deprived rural regions of the state of Pará, north Brazil, through a series of workshops and didactic concerts.


Whilst stationed primarily in Bragança teaching at the AMA institute, a musical school which provides free lessons to all students, I also led projects and performed in rural areas of Pará and in the city of Belem.


During one such project, I spent a week with the Kayapo tribe leading an environmental / musical project. I gave the community musical instruments and taught school children and adults to play Kayapo melodies. My visit was enabled by the ethnologist Glenn Shephard.


For more information, see my Brazil blog:


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Teaching the recorder in Turedjam, a village of Kayapo Indians.

Schoolchildren learn to play the recorder

Kayapo woman with a recorder

On a litter-picking mission, Turudjam

Workshop at 'Refazenda' permaculture farm with the children of the local community

Workshop at 'Refazenda' permaculture farm with the children of the local community

End of year concert with the wind band at the AMA institute in Braganca

Workshop with children living on the Ilha de Combu. Although only a short boat ride away from Belem, life here is a world apart from the metropolis.

Concert in Treme

Playing at the harbour in Treme, a fishing village in the region of Braganca. Inhabitants suffer from a high incidence of AIDS, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy.

Discussing life and ambitions with a group of teenagers in Treme. The majority of their classmates have already left school to work with their families.

Rachel's Amazon Art concert in Bragança, featuring choro and bossa nova music with a group of local musicians.

Final concert of my group of recorder students at the AMA institute, Bragança.

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